Trying to get past this

This is something that I know I shouldn’t let bother me, but I can’t get past it. How do you give a golden glove to Dustin Pedroia instead of Robinson Cano? Because he had a higher fielding percentage and made fewer errors? He also had fewer chances, fewer put outs, fewer assists and fewer double plays! Not only that but he didn’t help his team get to the post season, didn’t prevent their historic collapse and he’s an ugly, sawed off, runty garden gnome.

Now I feel better.

New York Yankees at Boston ~ Sunday, August 7, 2011

~~ Red Sox 3, Yankees 2 ~~

Yankees were ahead, granted it was one run, but Mo came in and …. Mo? MO! You pick now to be human!! And then that nasty Garden Gnome has to hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game, off my Mo. **sticks pin in Pedroia doll**

So free baseball in Fenway, then Hughes gives up the winning run. Tough loss. Yankees also kind of ran through the bullpen, now the only thing to do is move forward.

At least the Boston pitchers held true to form and hit Jeter.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Beat the Mets, Yankees beat the Mets

~~ Yankees 9, Mets 3~~

In yesterday’s post I forgot something, not really surprising, I tend to forget something every time, usually I remember too long after to mention and then I get annoyed. Jose Reyes got booed every time he came up to bat. Booing loud enough to drown out the cheers from the Mets fans. Today when I mentioned it to Kasey, she said there is usually one evil player on each team. Jose Reyes on the Mets, Jose Bautista on the Blue Jays, Josh Beckett or Ellsbury or Adrian Gonzalez or Jed Lowrie or Dustin Pedroia or Youkilis of the RedSox, most of those guys cause they are ugly.

So the Mets were ahead until the 7th inning, they were probably already chilling the champagne for the celebration, wait, this isn’t the World Series! Then as David Cone said, “They had all zeros, till the seventh inning and now the Yankees have a snow cone (8). For all of you saying the Yankees are hitting too many home runs, the only home run hit in this game was in the first inning. The 8 runs in the seventh were base hits. A walk, a hit by pitch, a dribbler across the infield. Alex said, I was more lucky than good. A bunt that was bungled, a blooper that fell between the players, everybody got a turn to play, fun times in the Bronx.

Nova pitched well, unfortunately he doesn’t get the win since the Mets were ahead when he left the game. He got an ovation however and the Yankees did the win the game. And if the Yankees win the World Series, he will get a ring. Got to look at the big picture. Ayala gets the win, Lance Pendleton pitched the ninth inning.

It really bothers me that the Yankees are being greedy. Scoring all these runs so Mariano can’t get anymore saves on his record. Greedy little buggers. Attendance tonight was 48,293.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

It’s not the end of the world

Yes the Yankees got swept, at home, by the Red Sox, it’s not the end of the world, calm down people.

~~Red Sox 7, Yankees 5~~

For one thing, it’s May. For another thing, it is not the first time the Yankees have been swept by a team or at home. For the third thing, the Yankees are still 27-13 in World Series Play and the Red Sox are still 7-4 in Series Play. For the last thing, the Yankees did not go 86 years between World Series wins. There was no curse, that’s just an excuse bad teams use when they suck.

On a humorous note, when Freddy Garcia was being asked about what pitch Youk hit for a home run and he mentioned pitching to “the little guy” aka Ferret Face aka Garden Gnome aka Dustin Pedroia. I wasn’t sure that was what he said, then someone on Twitter verified it for me. I guess when you’re 6’4″ anyone under 5 feet is a little guy, I mean, well you know what I mean.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Red Sox Fans, go ahead and celebrate, it’s still April

~~Red Sox 4, Yankees 0~~

Even so, this loss still hurts. Because it was C.C. and he didn’t have very good ‘stuff’ tonight. He struggled, the Red Sox got 12 hits. I actually like those numbers, it cracks me up that they got 12 hits and only 4 runs. But it meant a lot of work for C.C.

Alex was scratched with flu-like symptoms.

Beckett was dominant, and the Garden Gnome was having a good week-end. Blech. Next game Tuesday against the Orioles. See you then.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛