Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~~ Yankees 4, Rays 2 ~~

Eduardo Nunez hit a game-tying homer in the eighth and Robinson Cano put the Yanks up with a two-run double as New York clinched a postseason spot — and dealt Tampa Bay a Wild Card blow — with a win in Game 1 of its doubleheader with the Rays.

The Yankees are playing double headers to make up for rained out games. In this first game the Yankees used a lot of pitchers, including Mo who now has 44 saves for this year and 603 total. But with this win the Yankees are going to the postseason.

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Score some runs will ya!!

~~ Orioles 2, Yankees 0 ~~

When I got tired of watching Hurricane Irene I turned on the game, the first thing I saw was Bartolo pitch a 6 run inning. Sexy! Yes they are. However, the O’s pitcher’s kept the Yankees down to 0 runs and Colon let the O’s get 2 runs.

Michael Kay said the Yankees were playing like they had spent the entire day before watching movies, which they probably were, but the Yankees playing half asleep should be better then the last place O’s! This is kind of my way of giving credit to Britton, without really doing it.

However, this is the first game of a double header, tonight Nova is pitching tonight and the Yankees should (better) win.

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Game 2 ~ Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~~ Reds 10, Yankees 2 ~~

As usually happens with a double header, the games were split and Red won the second game. However, I wasn’t expecting such an uneven score. Oh well it happens.

Gorden gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, then Boone and Cory had scoreless outings. Then Noesi came in. Dear sweet Noesi who had such a fantastic debut and has pitched so well for us, came in and blew the game wide open. 8 hits and 6 runs. Maybe he was chanelling John Lackey. Yeah I went there. Luis came in and also had a scoreless outing, but by this time the Reds had 10 runs.

Swisher hit a home run in the second inning and that was all until the 8th. We could have won it! Then 3 more runs in the 8th, no stick a fork in it.

However Yankees did win the series and since Boston has lost their last two games are now only half a game out of first place.

Go Yankees! Enjoy your day off.

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Game 1 ~ Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~~ Yankees 4, Reds 2 ~~

Since last nights game was cancelled due to thunderstorms, today the Yankees and Reds had a double-header. Twice as much fun. The teams were given the choice of playing today and tomorrow, or two games today. The players chose two games today. Makes sense to me, this way they have all day tomorrow to rest. Friday the Yankees play the Rockies in the Bronx. Yankees won the day game.

Freddy Garcia pitched well holding the Reds to 2 runs. David Robertson pitched a scoreless 8th inning and Mariano got his 19th save of the season.

Posada hit a two run home run in the 7th putting the Yankees ahead and securing the win for Garcia who now has 6 wins.

Sometime during the day Kasey sent me a text, “Quick, do you want to go to Sunday’s game with Sarah? It’s old timer’s day.” Since I was planning on going to the city with Sarah on Sunday anyway, I said sure. One of the teacher’s has bleacher seats. I think the seats are 6 rows behind the dugout. If you hear about someone hanging over the wall waving and yelling, “HI MO!!” …..

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