Once again, starting to H.A.T.E. the White Sox

There is no way the Yankees can win the series, the best they can get is a split. This time the Yankees were ahead in the top of the 8th, then were a run behind at the middle of the 8th. It was a combination of Soriano giving up a two run home run and Greg Gibson’s shrinking strike zone.

~~White Sox 3, Yankees 2~~

So the Yankees were a run behind going into the bottom of the ninth, Jeter got on base, and Alex hit a ball that went to the wall, and this little brat Lillibridge caught the ball. He did the same to Cano. So we lost the first two games of the series and Yankees cannot win this series. This is the first time this season Yankees have lost two games in a row.

Still hurts. And of course Kasey is blaming Soriano, and I guess he is partially to blame, but there was no run support.

On the plus side, Ivan Nova pitched into the 7th inning. He did a good job and got an ovation when he left. He did not however, get the win but his ERA is now down to 5.82 from a choking 7.63 after his last start with Toronto.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛