And the winners are ….

not the teams I picked. Well not all of them.

The Detroit Tigers were my pick and the Orioles swept them. I also picked the Dodgers and the Cardinals beat them, 3-1. On the other and, the Royals swept the Angels. Giants and Nationals, who I didn’t really care about, went 3-1, with the Giants advancing.

Next up the championship series. And the teams in it are, Kansas City Royals versus the Baltimore Orioles (Series starts 10-10). In the national league it’s the San Francisco Giants vs the Saint Louis Cardinals (Series starts 10-11).

My picks are as follows, Royals over Orioles. I don’t want the Royals to win as much as I want the Orioles to lose. Giants over Cardinals. Again I want the Cardinals to lose more than I want the Giants to win, the Cardinals were supposed to beat the Red Sox last year and failed. So they need to suffer defeat again.

After this series it will be the World Series. If things go the way I want, it’ll be a Royals vs Giants competition. I’m looking forward to it.


Yankees win their 40th AL pennant

The game was rained out Saturday and it started Sunday while we were on the road driving back from Buffalo. Andy kept telling me not to read my text alerts while I was driving. Whatever.

First alert I read was end of the third Angels 1, Yankees 0. Booo! I don’t remember if I got home after the Yankees got 3 runs or while they were doing. I know Andy was still pitching, I watched as he walked off the field and lifted his cap to the fans. End of the fourth inning was Yankees 3, Angels 1. everything was good. Joe decided to have Mariano Rivera come in for the eight inning. After the game when asked by a reporter what that meant to him he said, “Means, I have to get 6 outs.”
Eighth inning the Angels got another run, broke Mariano’s record. Bottom of the eighth, Cano walked, Swisher bunted – for a sacrifice, but the Angel player dropped the ball, Swisher was replaced with Gardner,  then Melky Cabrera bunted and the pitcher made a throwing error, Cano scored. With Gardner (or the roadrunner as we call him here) on third and Melky on third, Mark Teixeira hits a sacrifice fly and Gardner scores. Yankees 5, Angels 2.
Top of the ninth and Mariano comes back and 3 more outs. My favorite moment of the game, (I’m not usually this sappy) Rivera strikes out Gary Matthews Jr. to win the series. Rivera walks toward home plate, Posado comes out and they hug, it was like, “We did it!”
Watching the post game was fun, champagne showers for the Yankees!  

Picture from the NY Daily News

ALCS Game 5

Well what can I say about this game besides, ARGGG!

First A.J. gives up 4 runs. Then the Yankees come from behind in the 7th inning and get ahead by 2, then in the bottom of the 7th the Angels get 3 runs. Swisher had a chance to tie the game up and instead of a ground ball down the center, he popped up and was out. Game over Angels win. 
Ranting aside it was an exciting 7th inning, well half of it at least.  It was good to see Teixeira hitting the ball, he got a couple RBI’s or maybe just one. He is still making great defensive plays. 
Next game is tomorrow night back in New York and the forecast is for nasty weather. Not only that but Derek Jeter has a cold. So we will see if the game is played or not, I won’t be here, I am driving the kids to Buffalo to see their friend Sammy who got hit by a car a while back. That was one of the reasons I wanted them to win last night, another was because I want the ALCS to be over so they can rest up for the World Series.
So now the score is:
Yankees 3, Angels 2

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~ 

ALCS Game 4

This game I watched and until about the 5th inning it was kind of boring, Yanks got on base, didn’t score. C.C. Sabathia pitched 8 innings with only a little over 100 pitches and only 1 run by the Angels in the 5th inning. He was hot tonight. Kasey and I were sending text messages to each other about the game. We talk about each others “men” and say certain people should be pummeled. Who I think should be pummeled are some of the people who leave comments on the articles. They are either plain mean or ignorant.

Anyway, Alex got a home run in the 4th, that was the first run. Then in the fifth, as I mentioned about the game really started hopping. Alex got another home run with Teixeira on base so two more runs. 5-0 Yankees. Then Kendry Morales got a home run, the only run Sabathia allowed. 
Then in the sixth was the first successful double play by the Yankees. It wasn’t the first time they tried. One inning Cano caught the ball, tossed it to Jeter who tagged second and threw it to Teixeira, not in time. Runner was too fast. But still no runs for the Angels. Yankees 5, Angels 1.
In the top of the eighth Johnny Damon hit a home run with a man on base, going into the ninth inning the Yankees had a six run lead. Alex hit a double, then made it home on a throwing error, I forget who was batting (Yankees 8, Angels 1). Cano and Gardner made it on base, then Melky hit a ground ball to right field and they ran home. Man, Gardner is fast! When Cano was crossing home plate he was coming around third, and Cano was on third base! Alex was cheering in the dugout, you could hear him on the T.V. Chad Gaudin pitched the ninth inning and the game ended with a score of Yankees 10, Angels 1.
There were a couple of pretty bad calls by the umpires in this game. You can look on the site to read the articles about them. National league didn’t play tonight.
Yankees lead series 3-1
Phillies lead series 3-1
~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~

ALCS Game 3

I didn’t get to watch most of this game. It started at 4:13 p.m., I don’t get off work until 5:00 p.m., and it takes me 1 1/2 hours to get home. Normally I can follow on my phone because I signed up for text updates but … I left my phone at home. Remind me not to do that again, I had 23 text messages. I was able to follow it on my computer, but for some reason, the audio link was not working.

Things got off to a good start with Jeter hitting a home run and when Kasey picked me up she was saying they were ahead when she left the gym to come get me, but then we got home and the game was tied up 4-4 in the 8th. And it stayed that way until the bottom of the 11th, tonight the Angels has the walk off win. I can’t say much more about the game since I was upstairs and everyone was talking and I couldn’t really concentrate with all the noise.

Yankees lead series 2-1
Phillies lead series 3-1
~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~

Yankees 2-0 in the ALCS

I watched the game on T.V. I am not going to say that it is better on T.V. as my father used to always say, I say there are advantages to watching it on T.V. I would have much rather been at the game but there was no way I could make it. It was an exciting game, even watching it on T.V.,  I can only imagine how exciting it would have been to see it at the stadium. Considering it takes me an hour and a half to get home from the Bronx, I am glad I was watching it at home, since it went 13 innings.

**Breaking news alert** Just checked my text alerts on my phone Phillies 11, Dodgers 0. That’s makes it Phillies 2, Dodgers 1 in the NLCS **

alex-rod.jpgScore was 2-2 at the end of the 9th inning. Then the Angels scored in the 11th inning, then Alex evened up the score with a home run. Now when he hit the ball, it looked to me like the ball bounced off the wall and the Angels player caught it, so I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t throwing the ball to get Alex out. On the replay, you could see the ball went over the wall, then bounced on the top of the wall and went back into the field. Alex also had a little hesitation when he saw a player with the ball, but then saw the umpire signaling a home run. So he ran home, and they all punched hands and did all that ballplayer stuff they do. (Like how technical I am?) I really wanted them to get another run so I could go to bed but they didn’t so it was tied up again, 3-3. (Wow, his teeth are really white.)

Then in the bottom of the thirteenth inning with one out, there was a man on first and second, Melky (I think) hit a base hit and the Angels player made a bad throw which made it possible for Jerry Hairston Jr to run home and score the winning run!

He jumped about 4 feet in the air, when the others came out he was still jumping and high fiving and got knocked down, then the others players started slapping him! Must not have been hard, he was laughing when he got up. (That must be how ball players show their love)

Of course A.J. came out with the pie and (to me) it looked like Jerry was backing up and saying no, and A.J. had this smile on his face like, you gotta get the pie!

There was a questionable call against Jeter in the fifth inning, he was called out but looking at the video he was at the plate before the ball was in the baseman’s glove. It was one of those split second things and Jeter didn’t argue.

Then in the 10th Cabrera was called safe at 2nd. Angels were going for a double play, the coach and the 2nd baseman started arguing, the umpire wouldn’t budge and on the video, his foot was not on the plate or bag before he threw the ball to first. As it turned out, it didn’t make a difference, no one scored in that inning.

~~ and that’s all she wrote ~~

My first blog post

But not my first blog. I was using up so much space on my other blog talking about the Yankees that I finally decided to start a blog where I could just talk about the Yankees.

I am sitting here watching Game 2 of the ALCS, 11th inning. I did not want to be up this late watching the game, but then I suppose the Yankees did not want to go to 11 innings and have to play in the rain.

CHunter.jpgAs mentioned in my profile, I have been a Yankees fan for as long as I can remember. Not an easy thing to do living in California. My parents of course, wanted me to be a Dodger fan, but once I saw Catfish Hunter pitching, there really was nothing they could do to convince me the Dodgers were worth following. I had to hide the fact that the Yankees were the team I loved, but now I am in New York and it is socially acceptable to be a Yankees fan. Since my parents are living in the northwest corner of the US, I have the unique pleasure of wearing my Yankee hat when I go visit them and being a total brat(I even made my mother buy me a new one when I lost mine one visit). I could say it was my father’s fault, since he had the game on, but he always had a game on, that is how I know as much as I do about sports. He is what I call a sports fan, he never had any fan affiliation, other then the Arkansas Razerbacks, and the home team, wherever we were living at the time. He just liked to watch sports, any sport as long as it was televised. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a sports nerd, I just know enough to enjoy watching a baseball game. Anything else I want to know I just go online to find out.

**Breaking news** Alex just got a home run! Now the game is again tied up, COME ON BOYS! I DON’T WANT TO GO TO 12 INNINGS! O.K. we are now on to 12 innings. And it is pouring down rain.**

Another reason I started this blog was I like talking about baseball and the Yankees but I have only my best friend and I have a lot I want to say. I can’t talk to the guys I work with, (I work with all guys), most don’t follow baseball, the ones that do, one is an idiot, the other thinks I am an idiot. I have my opinions and I don’t like it when people tell me I am wrong. If I say, “Derek Jeter is the best (and cutest) shortstop in the world.” I know that is my opinion, please don’t tell me I am wrong. If I say “Gardner is fast.” I am just saying it because when I watch the game, it looks to me like he is running fast. Of course I suspect the guy who told me he isn’t fast was only saying that because he likes to annoy me or just enjoys being a total sh*thead.

Last night I was really impressed with CC Sabathia going 8 innings. Eight innings and he was still throwing the ball 95 mph. Then Mariano Rivera comes in and finished. I don’t know if you can call it a ‘save’ when the Yankees were ahead. Now they just have to strike out this last batter and get a run in the next 1/2 inning. And I am signing off now.