Baseball in New Jersey

DSCN0918DSCN0920This was not a last minute decision. I have been planning this for a while, not just this summer. I did my research. Looked at dates of home games, train schedules. Did the Trip Planner thing. Even posted on Facebook and got tips from people who had been there. I was on my way. Then rain happened.

It started when I was on the train, at least for me. When I got to the ballpark, and I was was chuffed to bits that I didn’t get lost, the tarp was on the field. Insert all the swear words.

So for a while I wandered about. Took some pictures, and then the game was called. I was a little peeved that no one told me you walk right past Trenton State Prison on the way to the ballpark! In fact, the murals on the pictures below are painted on the walls of the prison.

This pictures are all I have of this trip.

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