Opening day a national holiday?

For a while now, since about February, there has been a petition to make opening a day a national holiday. An article on it says in part:

“Many Americans celebrate their favorite holiday at the beginning of spring — and it isn’t Easter.

Opening Day, the kick-off of Major League Baseball’s new season, is taking place today and fans are heading to ballparks around the country.

But some of the truly die-hard are arguing that the umpire’s inaugural shout to “Play ball!” should be a bona fide U.S. holiday — and they have the signatures to prove it.

The White House has shot it down and I can’t say I’m upset about it. As a diehard baseball fan, I love opening day and I was at the bar 2 hours before the game began last night. I bought my ticket for the home opener the first day they went on sale but I have a problem with making opening day a national holiday. What day would you pick for opening day?

This year, there were two games played in Australia which apparently are being considered part of the regular season. They are included in the regular season stats for the teams that played. Then on Sunday, March 30 the Padres had their opener, on Monday, March 31, 13 teams played, then on Tuesday, April 1 there were 4 more teams having their opener, my team’s opener was Tuesday. So which day would you pick? Someone said, the first day, my team didn’t play the first opening day, I wouldn’t want to celebrate ‘opening day’ on a day my team isn’t playing. I’m sure many baseball fans would agree with me. Someone else said, they would all have to start the same day. That’s feasible I suppose, but not very practical. So yes, I’m glad the White House said No.

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