I run for

This year I took the plunge and signed up for the 5th Annual Damon Runyon 5K at Yankees Stadium. I am even training to run it. I’ve been rather successful at fund raising. The money will be used to fund innovative research by today’s most brilliant young scientists. This research is for all types of cancer (yes I copied that from their website). If you would like to donate click on this link.

Five people have donated to my run which makes me happy, of those five, three have mentioned “in memory of” which makes me sad. Also in the e-mail Damon Runyon sent thanking me for registering to run there was a post script:

PS – Your story could inspire others to sign up, too. Please send us an email to let us know if you are a cancer survivor, plan to run in memory of a loved one or friend, or are participating in honor of someone facing the disease right now.

Not sure they want the whole list of people I know who died, and those I know who are currently battling, but here I can list them all.

There was Nathan, my sweet little boy and his cousin Jeremy who both lost their fight while they were still in their teens, and their grandmother. My aunt Jesse who died of lung cancer, yes she smoked but that is still a terrible way to die. My friend Bruce who had cancer of the bone. My friend Kiley, who I only knew through Twitter but still felt a sense of lose when she died. That is all I can remember right now.

Then there is my mom, with breast cancer but cancer free after surgery, Beth who just had her second round beating breast cancer, my friend Mike and Buffalo Bills former quarterback and Hall-of-Famer Jim Kelly, who like my mom has been declared cancer free after surgery. Lastly my minister Louis, still battling.

I’m running for all of them and for the memory of the people mentioned by my friends who donated. For Cynthia who donated because she is a cancer survivor, which I didn’t know until today. Also for everyone who might benefit from better treatments and improved screening to detect cancer earlier. It’s a lot of people to run for, but I have help.