6 hrs, 32 minutes, 597 pitches

After 19 innings the A’s won the game with a walk off home run. Everyone was excited and happy. Brandon Moss, who hit the home run got two pies in the face, one was self inflicted, and a Gatorade shower. If you wondering why I am writing about Oakland and not the Yankees this was the day that the Astros shut out the Yankees, oh wait they didn’t shut them out they Yankees scored 1 run to the Stros 9.

When I was watching this video, which is not embedded, this a link that will take you to the MLB website, I had two thoughts and I thought I would share them, since my thoughts about the other baseball game are not printable. The first one was, I felt the shot of the Angels pitcher walking off the mound needed a ‘sad trombone‘ and the second thought was, Brandon Moss is kind of short.

Then I watched the video again and realized he is not really that short, I was just looking at him being hugged by a much taller person.