The last game

This post is not about the Yankees last game, but about the last game I went to this season. Since I didn’t write it right after the game, and then the Yankees started losing the ALCS, I decided to just wait until the Yankees either lost the ALCS or went to the World Series.

It was a special game, not just because it was the first home game of the series (ALDS GAME 3), or because the Yankees won in extra innings, or even just because I was there. It was a special game because I got to take someone that has never been to a baseball game before. I met Sylvia through my friend Kasey, she met her because her son brought Sylvia home because she needed a place to hang out where people wouldn’t hassle her. Or at least that’s the impression I got. Sylvia is German and didn’t know much (if anything) about baseball until she came to America. Since she was hanging with Kasey she became a baseball and Yankee fan (Nick probably regrets introducing her to his mom since he hates baseball). It was a coincidence she was visiting when the playoffs were happening and when asked if she would like to go to a game with me she accepted (actually, she squealed).

Because of a problem when Kasey stopped at the bank we were pressed for time going to my apartment, we needed to go to my apartment to drop off Sylvia’s backpack, she had also bought a Yankees sweatshirt and wanted to change into it. We needed to eat something quick so I took her to Shake Shack (well did you think I would take her to Burger King?). She thought the food was good and was intrigued by the buzzers they handed out, something they don’t do in Germany, something else happened that “would never happen in Germany!”, actually it was something that probably only happens in NYC! When we got to the Bronx we stopped at Bald Vinny’s House of Tee’s. He told us he was honored to be included in her first game experience. Sylvia said it was neat that all these people knew me.

Since we were early we walked down into the field level seats to watch batting practice. Sylvia hadn’t been able to stop smiling since we got to the stadium. Suddenly she asked me what the circles were. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, she pointed across the stadium to the wall behind the bleacher seats. “The circles on the wall with the numbers in them.” It was something I never thought about, that she wouldn’t know about retired numbers. So I explained it to her, then we went to Monument Park so she could see the numbers up close, she took pictures of everything. Then when we sat down for the game she put her camera away, so she wouldn’t drop it.

Now the bad, the people in our row were up and down constantly and the guy next to me kept touching me. It was very annoying, and when the 9th inning started the Yankees were behind. Sylvia was pouting, saying she didn’t come all this way to watch them lose. “We just need two home runs.” She said. “I would prefer six (Papa John’s pizza), but we only need two.” Then Raul came through for her. As we kept watching, and the Yankees kept getting out, she then said, “We’re going to have to wait for Raul to come up again.” Yes, she called it.

After the game she once again could not stop smiling and kept saying, “My first baseball game. A playoff game. And they WON!”