The Final Game

~~ Yankees 14, Red Sox 2 ~~

I did not have tickets to this game, but Sarah was going and since she owed me money, I asked her to bring it to the stadium since I’m a little short on cash these days. She and her friends didn’t get there until almost 7, I got my money went and got a beer then went up the stairs to the 4 train. While I was standing on the platform, there was this enormous roar from the stadium. I quickly went to my At Bat app and started the radio broadcast for the game, getting the volume up just in time to hear Sterling, “That was a high fly ball into the stands, Granderson is GRAND!” I was happy and listening, then lost the signal.

When I got home, or rather off the subway, I turned the radio broadcast back on and the first thing I hear is, “Robinson Cano donchyaknow?” Two run home run. And the runs just kept on coming. While this was indeed a ‘blowout’, it was different from the one on Monday where the Yankees got 9 runs in one inning. Here the Yankees just keep adding runs every inning. Until the 7th, then they poured it on and got 5 runs.

Sometime during the game the Orioles lost. At Yankee stadium they showed on the jumbo-tron that Yankees were AL East winners and the crowd roared, Alex was at bat, the crowd roared so loud it startled him. When asked about it later he said, “Well I knew the cheering wasn’t for me (laughs), I didn’t know, at first I thought maybe a fan got on the field, then I saw it.” It reminded me of the night before, when even though the stadium was packed the energy was high and the crowd was LOUD and really into the game.

Now we have to wait, Friday the Orioles play the Rangers and the winner plays the Yankees in the ALDS.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~