Baby Bombers Part 3

Sarah decided I shouldn’t be alone all of Labor Day weekend so she came down to visit me on Saturday. I told her mom I was going to take her on the ferry because she likes boats and the water. During the week Em sent me an e-mail about a Groupon for the SI Yankees game on Saturday, did she want me to buy tickets for Sarah and me? So I said, “Yes.” The package was game tickets, all you can eat with all you can drink soda or bottled water, free ice cream and a free hat.

We caught the ferry a bit early because Sarah wanted to walk around a bit and see what was there, as a public service I would like to tell everyone, in that section of Staten Island, there is nothing to see, the stadium and the ferry station are all. Except a little strip mall with a few restaurants (and I am using the word restaurant loosely), a laundromat and a small convenience store. We were way too early, so we stopped at a little Italian place and got some garlic knots and soda, the guy was pretty friendly, wearing a Mets hat, which I told him I liked, he asked, Are you a Mets fan? I showed him my shirt, but it broke the ice and he was friendly and let us sit there as long as we wanted. He told us this funny story, his wife asked him what’s the happiest day of your life. He said, that was easy, the day my daughter was born. What was the 2nd happiest day: the day the Mets won the World Series; the 3rd happiest day: the day the Giants won the Super Bowl. He says the list goes on, all these sports related events, then she got really quiet and he asked her, “What’s wrong?” She asked him, “Where on the list is the day you met me?” Oops.

We had to go to Will Call to get the tickets, which was no problem. Sarah just handed over the Groupon and he went in to back and brought out an envelope with all the stuff we needed. Then we hung around there waiting for the gates to open when all of a sudden security was telling everyone to step back and this car pulled up to the curb and out stepped Robinson Cano. He WALKED RIGHT PAST ME! He was saying hi to people and he had that smile that he always has, the man standing between me and him was not smiling. This one man boldly jumped forward and put his fist out and Cano fist bumped him. I was very excited, Sarah said, “Well that was kind of cool.” She also got an autograph from a player, I think she just wanted to get an autograph. I tried to get a picture of him signing her book but I wasn’t quick enough.

Something else that was kind of cool was “Home Run for life.” The players of each team lined up along the baselines, the Cyclones along the first base line and the SI Yankees along the 3rd base line. There was family standing at home plate and they told about the girl who fell off her bicycle and lacerated her liver, she was in the hospital for 18 days and had several operations to repair the damage. Now she was taking her ‘home run for life’. Scooter the Holy Cow held her hand and they ran around the bases, the players held out their hands and she got to slap (high five like) their hands as she ran past. It was one of those AWW moments.

We missed the fireworks. It was miss them or miss the ferry.

Oh and the SI Yankees lost, but they won on Sunday.