The last day for Texas

And we’re going for the sweep! You know that didn’t happen, but I was at this game and if would have been a bad day if the Yankees had won, since they lost it was a horrible day.

~~ Rangers 10, Yankees 6 ~~

First off it was hot and muggy, even with my wet towel around my neck I was miserable. I’m too short for these seats and my legs fell asleep, and the guy next to me was drunk, and since he was drunk he was ignoring all the rules about others personal space, because of this I wasn’t able to shift around in my seat, another reason my legs fell asleep. UGH. Then the guy behind me, knew everything one could possibly know about baseball, he could do a much better job then Girardi, in fact if he was managing the team, they would have won 118 games this year! That’s why he’s working for the Yankees instead of watching the game. Oh wait, he is watching the game.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛