What does Theodore Roosevelt have to do with the New York Yankees?

Nothing actually. I just finished reading “Island Of Vice: Theodore Roosevelt’s Doomed Quest To Clean Up Sin Loving New York” by Richard Zacks. Part of the reason vice was so prevalent in Manhattan was because the Police Department was corrupt. A NYPD officer would look the other way, for a price. Roosevelt tried to oust a police captain (I actually don’t remember his rank) Big Bill Devery, despite many charges and trials he was never convicted. 14 months after Roosevelt left Big Bill was sworn in as police chief and vice ran rampant in the city. He was eventually fired and with his ‘earnings’, he purchased property and even bought a share in a racetrack. With his bookmaker pal Frank Farrell he bought a struggling baseball team in Baltimore for $18,000 and brought it north in 1903. The ball club was soon called the “Highlanders” or “Hilltoppers” but would later change its name to “New York Yankees”. I was not expecting that.

They didn’t win many games. Riddle: “What animal comes from the bushes, doesn’t know what to do with a bat, cannot even catch a fly, and lives on goose eggs?” Answer: “The New York Yankees”.

In 1915 they sold the team for $460,000.