Opening day in the Bronx

Pre-game is on, turning TV on and going to make lunch.

Thunderous applause for Mariano Rivera.

#2 Derek Jeter (and the crowd goes crazy!) ROB(Raw-ob)-INSON CANO! Nicky! (MY sweet Nicky) Hi Russell, (Prrrr)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2012 NEW YORK YANKEES!

Bottom 1: Alex with a stolen base, Mark walks, Bases loaded, 3 run double for MY SWEET NICKY!!

Bottom 2: Russell with a lead off single. Then he takes 2nd, then 3rd, I Russell Martin! (Prrrr) Jeter grounds out, Gardner was SAFE!

Top 3: Aybar is out, but its not called, UMPS SUCK!

Bottom 3: A BOMB FOR A-Rod, leads off the inning with a HR.

Yankees 4, Angels 0

Bottom 4: 6-4-3 double play! Robinson Cano is good at baseball. Cano is the BEST 2nd baseman in baseball.

Yankees lead 5-0. Their pitcher has ‘settled down’, but they are still scoreless!

Yankees 5 (Curtis hit a grand homerun), Angels 0

Kuroda has retired the last 7 hitters, he has settled down too.

New pitcher for the Angels. J. Isringhausen

8 innings pitched by Kuroda! And its a shut out!!

New pitcher for the Angels, D. Carpenter

Kuroda is out in the 9th inning, effing amazing outing!! Shut-out game so far.

And D-Rob shuts them down.