The Trop is cursed

Last year I promised to write a blog post for every game. Frankly, it wore me out. This year I am giving myself a break, and promising at least one blog post per series. This is it.

As I said, I think the Trop is cursed. The only teams that play well in stadiums with roof are teams that are used to playing with a roof. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So the Yankees got swept by the Rays, for everyone panicking over this, **slap** IT’S THREE GAMES!! Not only is it just three game, it’s the first three games of the season. Get a grip and get some perspective people!

OK so the Yankees are 0-3 not 0-2, that means the percentage is now: 1.8% of their season, so if this was a marathon: 0.48 of a mile. So stop freaking out people.