Trying to get past this

This is something that I know I shouldn’t let bother me, but I can’t get past it. How do you give a golden glove to Dustin Pedroia instead of Robinson Cano? Because he had a higher fielding percentage and made fewer errors? He also had fewer chances, fewer put outs, fewer assists and fewer double plays! Not only that but he didn’t help his team get to the post season, didn’t prevent their historic collapse and he’s an ugly, sawed off, runty garden gnome.

Now I feel better.


One comment on “Trying to get past this

  1. Wow, I can’t believe this is coming from a Yankee fan. Do you realize how many gold gloves Jeter has won that he doesn’t deserve? The answer is all of them. Gold Gloves are a joke, don’t stress out over them.

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