and out with a whimper

~~ Tigers 3, Yankees 2 ~~

The last game of the series, the do or die, win or go home, and the Yankees lost by 1 run. They did this all series, lost by one or two runs, won by killing the Tigers. I probably sound like a bad fan saying they went out with a whimper, but that is kind of how it seemed, twice they left the bases loaded in this game, TWICE!

So now I am reduced to watching the team that beat them this year play the team that beat them last year. It presents me with the dilemma of who I root for, but I think I should abstain since the only option is a NL team and I just can’t do it.

From now until spring training I will be coming back for a few posts, you know if anything happens in the Yankee Universe. Take care friends.

“I told them that there was really nothing I could say that was going to make anyone in that room feel any better. There really wasn’t,” said Girardi of his closing speech. “I thought they played hard all year long. I thought they gave us everything that they’ve got. I thought they played like champions would play, even though we’re not going to be champions.”

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Thursday, October 6, 2011 😛