Now down two, not a happy fan

~~ Tigers 5, Yankees 4 ~~

It wasn’t the low-scoring duel many expected, but Justin Verlander prevailed in his rematch with CC Sabathia, going eight gutsy innings and benefiting from a tiebreaking homer by Delmon Young in the seventh that put Detroit one win from the ALCS.

This was also not what was to happened, I want to mention that the tie breaking home run was off Soriano, who I hate, and I know I have also said a fan should not hate the players on the team, but I don’t consider Soriano a true Yankee and so I can hate him and be glad he took the loss, I didn’t want CC to have a post season loss on his record. Dave Robertson came in and pitched perfectly. If you think I am being unreasonable, look up the definition of fan.

What made watching this game even worse was the commentators stating the stats for teams down 2-1 in the post season. These are the Yankees, who have been down two games and came back to win it all (1996 WS, thank you Gersh), who never say die and when an opposing player starts bragging about beating them, have a tendency to make that player ‘eat his words’ (Jimmy Rollins anybody?)

Its not over till its over.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Monday, October 3, 2011 ~ ALDS Game 3 😛