Post season nerves?

First game of the Post-season, actually the second, (Tampa Bay Rays 9, Texas Rangers 0) and I am sitting here wrapped up in my Jeter blanket while the game is delayed. The Yankees are tied with the Tigers. While we are waiting:

  • Yesterday, since there was no game, I updated my Yankee record page, take a peek at it. I am done with it, it is just for regular season numbers. I also figured out the number of strikeouts per inning for each pitcher with more then 30 strikeouts.
  • All this season I have been donating $15 to Harlem RBI for each home run Mark Teixeira hits. Today I got a phone call from Harlem RBI, they noticed how much I donated, or rather how many times I donated. She told me that was unusual, most people don’t come back and make donations like I was doing. I explained the “$15 per home run” and her response was, “I’ll pass that on to Tex, he’ll get a kick out it.” Thud ~ DEAD

So now I am going to take a little break and drink some tea and wait for the game to start.


Game has been postponed. I’m going to publish this and come back tomorrow.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛