Snoopy is a Yankee fan, and loves MO!!

~~ Yankees 5, Rays 0 ~~

It was plush Snoopy night! First we went to have dinner before the game, stadium food doesn’t agree with Kasey’s stomach. The stadium was decorated with Mo’s achievement.

Ivan pitched 7.2 innings of shut out ball, just 6 hits, no runs. Logan, no hits, no runs. Ayala, no hits, no runs. When he left and got an ovation, Kasey sent me a text “Why are they cheering”

“Ivan is leaving”

“Is he OK or just tired”

Cell phones are great.

Besides Snoopy plush dolls, they were also selling Mo memorabilia. We got a shirt for Kasey’s friend Jean and we each got pins. Snoopy is wearing Kasey’s. I put mine on my jacket.

We had a great time, Teixeira caught a line drive, then tagged the runner going back to 1st, I tweeted “Oh what a play by Teixeira!” The best part was not having a 2 hour ride home.

2B: Swisher (27, Davis, W), Granderson 2 (25, Davis, W, De La Rosa), Cano (45, Ramos, C).
TB: Jeter 2; Granderson 5; Teixeira; Cano 2; Swisher 2; Chavez, Er 2; Martin 2; Gardner 2.
RBI: Chavez, Er (26), Granderson 4 (119).
2-out RBI: Granderson.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cano; Rodriguez, Al 3; Jeter 2; Swisher 3; Gardner; Granderson.
Team RISP: 5-for-20.
Team LOB: 18.

DP: 3 (Chavez, Er-Cano-Teixeira, Jeter-Cano-Teixeira, Teixeira).

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Tuesday, September 20, 2011 😛