Seems they partied too hard last night

~~ Rays 15, Yankees 8 ~~

At the beginning of the season I promised to write a post for every game, it has proved to be harder then I originally thought it would be. Mainly because of time and since I am trying to not copy other posts or other people’s posts, but I have managed to stay the course.

With the win of last nights game with Rays the Yankees are now AL East Champions. I would like to say to all the ESPN analysts, the ones listed in the MLB Preview 2011, the ones that said the Red Sox would win the division, which would be all of them, that YOU WERE WRONG!!

Curtis Granderson has 41 home runs, a personal record for him. Mark has 37, I promised $15 per home run and I have also kept up with that, although I am a little behind in payment, but not by much.

Well I hope the Yankees recover from celebrating the Division win before they have to play the Sox. I want home field advantage because I have tickets for game 2, which will be October 1 if the Yankees have home field advantage.
~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Thursday, September 22, 2011 😛