A rain soaked fan

~~ Orioles 5, Yankees 4 ~~

Since I didn’t have to work this Wednesday I decided to go to the game. First off I spent way to much money. Not on the tickets, tickets were cheap, I bought a shirt from Bald Vinny (@baldvinny “My heroes aren’t frozen”), I told him I have a collection of anti-Boston shirts. He says you can never have too many. Then after going in the stadium I got suckered talked into having my picture taken. Not a great shot, but consider the model. Then I bought a pin (#4) and a watch. I am wearing the watch now. I also ate too much, hot Italian sausage, cheesy garlic fries, potato chips and drank some beer.

It was cold and raining off and on. I should have worn my rain coat, I ended up buying a rain poncho. I was also glad I had bought that shirt from Bald Vinny, I put it on over the shirt I wore to the game so I wouldn’t freeze. It worked.

All afternoon the weather was icky, sometimes raining, sometimes just a mist. I ended up soaked and cold and late for my nail appointment. I also almost stabbed this loudmouth in my section. Every mistake a player made was a reason for him to be shipped out, he also hated Girardi and Cashman.

Since I had a nail appointment I had to leave after the ninth inning, so I missed out on the free baseball. As I was making my way through GCT, still wearing the poncho, a policeman stopped me and asked me if they won. It was tied when I left I replied. Rats! was his response. I wonder what his response was to the fact that they lost.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ Wednesday, September 7, 2011 😛