It’s a split ~ Monday, August 29, 2011

~~ Yankees 3, Orioles 2 ~~

Not exactly what I was hoping from a series with the Orioles, but after two games lost it was either a split or a loss, I’ll take the split. So what can I say about this game that you don’t already know? That I was impressed with Freddy’s pitching, except for the ball that whats-his-name hit out of the park. I can’t really say that Michael and Ken jinxed Robertson, they didn’t say how many innings it had been seen he had given up a run, but it was a long time until tonight. So he give up the home run, he walks a batter, the batter steals second, the pressure is on, Dave will be fine. I called that one.

Then Mo comes in and one, two, three, Yankees win. Of course the whole time he is pitching, Michael and Ken are talking about how many saves IN A ROW Mariano has blown at Camden Yards. They were totally pissing me off, then I thought, maybe they will reverse jinx him. Of course I don’t really believe in jinxes.

During the game I was texting little bits of it to a friend who couldn’t watch it because she had lost power during the hurricane. I didn’t text a lot because I wasn’t sure how much she would want me too, but she never told me to stop so I kept going. I don’t know if Kasey was watching or still working on her basement. They didn’t lose power but the basement got flooded, there was approximately 10″ of water and everything had to be tossed, now the drywall and everything has to be torn out. I am kind of bummed because I had left a couple boxes of books I was planning to take to the Strand and sell. Ah well, these things happen when you live in a hurricane zone. Wait.

Swisher hit home run #21. A 2 run shot and Mark got his 100 RBI for the season. Next up, Boston.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛