Making a start

~~ Yankees 9, Royals 7 ~~

Ivan Nova was not his sharp self tonight. You can see that by the fact the Royals got 7 runs, the game went up and down. KC got 2 runs in the first inning, then in the top of the 3rd Yankees scored 3 runs pulling 1 run ahead. Then in the bottom of the  3rd the Royals got the runs back. Then the next turn up for the Yankees, they got their two runs back, they had two men on base, the announcer’s mentioned the KC pitcher had that look, he was afraid he was going to cough up the lead. Robinson Cano came up to bat, 12 pitches later, he sent one over the fence. That was if for Duffy. But not for Ivan, he was in till the bottom of the 6th when he gave up 2 runs, so Joe pulled him and put in Boone Logan. {{No hate allowed, you support a team, you support all the players, (I will forgive you if you dislike Mitre)}}. Boone made quick work of the last two batters.

That was it for the Royals, Yankees got one more in the seventh and won the game.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛