~~ Yankees 5, Rays 4 ~~

It was the perfect day for a ball game. At his first at bat Derek got career hit 2,999, his second at-bat was career hit 3,000, a home run. Derek went 5-5 making his performance for the day perfect, the fan who caught the ball returned it to Derek because, “It was his moment, his accomplishment. I didn’t want to take anything away from him today.” He got to meet Derek and got some nice gifts from the Yankees. David Price got stung. Overall, the Rays players were polite and clapped at his accomplishment. The first baseman even lifted his cap as Derek ran by. Then he concentrated on winning the game. Which wasn’t easy. But there again he was perfect, bringing in the winning run with his 5th hit of the game. Perfection.

A.J. gave up 3 runs. Pitched 5.2 innings, then Logan came in, A.J. left the game with the Yankees in the lead, and Logan did his job and the Yankees were still ahead the top of the 8th, then D-Rob comes in and blows the lead, lets the Rays score a run. So A.J. loses the win, David Robertson blows the save, but because the Yankees scored the winning run in the bottom of the 8th, he gets the win! Sometimes I don’t understand baseball, and David Robertson in a bum (not really, love the little cutie pie, just wish he would come in and just get the outs, no fooling around and letting Johnny Damon get a triple). Mariano picks up save number 22.

In between at bats, we were being entertained by the most adorable little 18 month old in front of us. He was having a great time hanging out with his family, eating chicken and fries, offering it to people, after he took a bite. Kasey was watching him and said: “He’s well behaved, social and speaks. He doesn’t need services!” I thought about bringing him home, but his family was watching just a little to closely.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛