It’s not my fault, I think ~ Monday, July 4, 2011

Today I walked across the Hudson River, yes really, check it out: Walkway across the Hudson which left me with a monster headache. So I can’t really blame my headache on this lose. The title is rather tongue in cheek since as expected, whenever the Yankees lose, it HAS to be someone’s fault.

A.J. of course put the blame on him, even when reminded about the missed pop-up, he said, “No, it’s all on me.” And he pitched well, just not well enough. And Girardi was trying to save the bullpen, with some pitchers not available after the series with the Mets, and Mo has a sore elbow, so he pushed A.J. for a seventh inning. He was planning to use Dave Robertson in the ninth, but he ended up not being needed.

But why does it have to be anyone’s fault? Why can’t we say that on this particular day, this one game, the Indians played better baseball then the Yankees. So we just pick up and carry on from here. We are still in first place, the Jays trounced (sort of) the Red Sox and the Twins demolished the Rays. So there was some good news in baseball today.

~~ Indians 6, Yankees 3 ~~

Burnett’s numbers for the game were 7 innings pitched, 4 hits, 4 runs, 4 walks and 6 K’s. Wade pitched one inning and was responsible for the other 2 runs. Austin Kearns hit the 3 run home run off A.J. Yes that Austin Kearns, that played for the Yankees. This was his first home run of this season. I guess he’s been saving up for us. At least Santana, who hit the home run against Wade has 13 home runs for this season.

Granderson hit his 23rd home run, right after Em told him he needed to catch up. It was a solo shot, so not much help. The boys will be back in form tomorrow, CC takes the mound.

Mark Teixeira is not going to the All-Star game, nor is he participating in the Home Run Derby. And yes, him not being in the All-Star is part of the reason for declining the Home Run Derby. Not because he feels snubbed and now has hurt feelings. It’s a long trip and how often does he get 3 days with his family? Even when the team is playing at home, he has to go to the ball park every day. So he’s getting a mini vacation with his beautiful wife, who he’s stupid in love with, and his kids. Judging from his Facebook status, he likes playing with his kids. This paragraph is written in response to a stupid twitterer who was calling Teixeira a baby, way to be classy engaging in name calling someone who is definitely better then you.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛