This is how we want it to end ~ Thursday, June 16, 2011

~~ Yankees 3, Rangers 2 ~~

Yankees have won another series. This time with a bunch of home runs. Well not in this game. But we did get another corny headline: “Broom for three: Gardner, Yanks sweep Rangers”. We also got a look at a new pitcher, Brian Gordon, who despite not getting the win made a good first impression, holding the Rangers to 2 runs. Unfortunately, the Yankees were not getting the hits. C.J. Wilson was doing his job for the Rangers.

So there was free baseball in the Bronx, this was definitely a hard won win with the game going to 12 innings.

6 up, 6 down for Cory Wade

Bottom of the 12th: Granderson up, Base hit to right field
Mark Teixeira, fly out to left field, out #1
Robinson Cano, hit by pitch, takes first base, Granderson to second base
Brett Gardner, (and Sarah, listening to the radio, said, “Brett just hit the ball” and he always listens)
base hit, Granderson scores.

Yankees win. Time for pie. 🙂 On to the Cubs for Interleague road trip!

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛