Lather, Rinse, Repeat ~ Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~~ Yankees 12, Rangers 4 ~~

No you are not seeing things, the score from this game and Tuesday’s game are exactly the same. And yes, there is another corny headline: “Tex’s two-step leads Yankees past Rangers”. Nick Swisher actually came up with the Texas Two-step line last season. Mark hit two home runs, so now Mark, Curtis and Jose Bautista lead the league with 21 home runs each.

The big surprise however was not that Teixeira hit two home runs against his former team. It was that Nunez and Pena each hit home runs. In total there were 5 home runs by the Yankees in this game. Stolen bases by Cano, Cervelli and A-Rod, two by Nunez (both in the same inning). Nice run support for Nova who although not having his ‘best stuff’, kept the Rangers to 4 runs.

We also got a look at a couple of new pitchers on the Yankee roster, Cory Wade and Jeff Marquez. Both pitched scoreless innings.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛