It’s a sweep ~ June 1

~~ Yankees 4, Athletics 2 ~~

What’s the matter Yankees? Got no love for A.J.? Where’s the run support? O.K., I know they won and A.J. held them to 2 runs, but look at the scores for the other games! Today only 4 runs? Maybe I’m just being a little picky. Let’s look at A.J.’s line: 7 IP, 103 pitches, 59 strikes, 3 H, 2 ER, 3 walks and 5 strike outs, no wild pitches and no hit batters. And the two runs were from a two run home run. So not bad pitching. Chamberlain pitched the 8th inning and Mariano the 9th.

On the offensive side, Swisher hit a three run home run in the 4th to put the Yankees ahead. A.J. and the others held the A’s to the 2 runs they had already scored. After the top of the 5th I laid down, hot day and I’ve been sick, so I missed Joba turning a double play and I missed watching Mariano get his 14th. I watched some video clips online afterwards but I honestly don’t remember what happened. All it proves is the Yankees don’t me to watch them for them to win the ball game. **sniff**

No matter, Yankees swept the A’s and watching their manager’s report, reporters ask some dumb questions.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛