Free baseball at Safeco field ~ May 28

~~Mariners 5, Yankees 4~~

As I type this the Yankees and Mariners just finished the 10th inning and the score is tied 4-4. I’m not going into the details of the game, I know I don’t do very well with play by play so I will just skip it. This week has been a very shitty week for me, I broke my phone on Monday and the insurance company sent me the wrong one as a replacement. I have it all packed up to return because I haven’t been able to get a hold anyone at the insurance company that can help me. I am fully expecting them to completely fuck things up and charge me all kinds of money for restocking etc. My next phone is not going to be an iPhone. I definitely don’t deserve nice things. On to the game, which is making me doubly sad since I was already in a pissy mood when it started.

Teixeira hit home run number 15, that’s $225 total for his charity.

Chris Dickerson takes over for Nick Swisher at first plate (running).

Dickerson was trying to steal second when Gardner hit the ball, so he was able to get to second, no double play. 2 outs, Jeter is up. 3 outs, Dickerson is stranded.

Seattle catcher dove into first base and totally cut up his face. Not smart, they are playing hard, want to end this game.

Ayala struck out batter number 2. Fielded the next hit, throw to Cano was in time. Jeter throws to Mark for the last out.

Top of the 12th: 2:12 a.m.: Granderson up at bat, Mariners have a new catcher. Granderson flies out, this field is too big, bring in the center field wall so Yankees can win and I can go to bed. Nope, Yankees go 1-2-3. I might have to go to bed and post an update tomorrow.

heh, Ichiro is 0-6

Mariano is in, I’m going to bed.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛