Pie! Pie! Pie! ~ May 24

~~ Yankees 5, Blue Jays 4 ~~

Normally I only break out the fireworks for a series win, but this win was so amazing, a walk-off! I can’t give the boys any pie, so they get fireworks.

Russell Martin seemed to get things started in the second with a home run, but then the Blue Jays tied it up, then scored 3 runs in the 3rd off CC. He came back and pitched scoreless for the rest of the game. He pitched a complete game, 8 hits-4 runs, so he gets the win. The Yankees were also scoreless from Russell’s home run until the 8th. Then they scored 2 runs putting the score Blue Jays 4, Yankees 3

Ninth inning Jorge started things off with a double. He was pinch hitting for Nunez, then Dickerson ran for him, Jeter struck out (correction, I am watching the encore, Jeter grounded out). I got sent to the basement, it was fine, I had finished my tea and ice cream. Then Granderson got on base and brought Dickerson home, tie game. With two outs Mark came up to bat, Granderson stole 2nd, Mark got a single, he made sure he stayed on first so as to not get thrown out and Granderson scored the winning run. He got 4 hits and scored 2 runs. A.J. snuck up on Mark to give him got pie, but he ducked. Brat.

Jose Bautista was 0-4 against Sabathia.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛