Live (sort of) from Yankee Stadium: Mets vs. Yankees ~ May 20

Joining you in the bottom of the second, Alex Rodriguez hits one through the gap in center for a double.

I love when Al describes pitches to Michael Kay.

Jorge walks; Swisher gets HBP; bases loaded, 2 outs.

Gardner grounds out to third baseman. Score still 0-0

3rd inning (Top): Cano to Mark, out #1; Fly out to Gardner, out #2; Fly out to Gardner, out #3; 9 pitch inning for Freddy Garcia.

(Bottom): Derek leads off, goes down on strikes; Mark Teixeira hit’s home run #11, another $15 for Dream Team 25; Alex Rodriguez flies out to first baseman. Score is 0-1, NYY

4th inning (Top): Popped out to Russell Martin, out #1; Fly out to Granderson, out #2; Ball to the wall, double; RBI double; Cano to Teixeira, out #3. Score is tied 1-1.

(Bottom): Cano flies out to right field, out #1; Russell Martin walks; Jorge out at first, out #2; Swisher strikes out, out #3. Score: 1-1

5th inning (Top): Freddy is dealing strikes, 2 outs; Cano to Mark, out #3.
(Bottom): Gardner on first, error on Mets; stolen base for Gardner; Single for Jeter; Granderson flies out, out #1; Mark down looking, out #2; Alex grounds out, out #3; 2 men left on base. Score: 1-1.

6th inning (Top): Home run for Mets; Fly ball to Granderson, out #1; Pop up caught by Alex, out #2; Fly ball to Swisher, he misses and ball bounces into stands, double, runners on 2nd and 3rd; Ground ball to first, out #3. Score: 2-1, NYM
(Bottom): Cano flies out to right field, out #1; Russell Martin with a double; Posada strikes out, out #2; Swisher strikes out, out #3. Score: 2-1, NYM

7th inning (Top): Swing and miss, out #1; Fly ball to right field, Nick Swisher catches it, out #2; Granderson makes the last out in center field, out #3. Score: 2-1, NYM
(Bottom): New pitcher for Mets. Gardner strikes out, out #1; Derek with fly ball to right field, out #2; Granderson hits a pop up in foul territory, out #3. Score: 2-1, NYM

8th inning (Top): New pitcher for Yankees, Joba Chamberlain. Ground ball to Cano to Mark, out #1; Alex misses with the throw to first, man on first; Strike out, out #2; Strike out, out #3.
(Bottom): Teixeira out on strikes, out #1; Alex strikes out, out #2; Cano grounds out, out #3. Score: 2-1, NYM

Sorry this has been so blah, but I can’t get online with my computer for some reason and have had to type all this on my iPhone. Right now I have to go. I’ll be back to give the final score later.

~~Yankees 1, Mets 2~~

If the Yankees don’t win this I’ll be pissed. Freaking Mets!!

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛