Wacky wacky game

~~Yankees 4, Orioles 1~~

After Bartolo Colon pitches 8 innings of shut out baseball then hands the ball over to Mariano, would you think the game would go to 15 innings? Well of course not, Mariano doesn’t blow saves, does he? Actually this is the second in a row at Camden yards. Maybe Mariano has a psychological problem with orange. Maybe he subconsciously fears huge stuffed birds. Who knows. But he is so cool about it, afterwards saying it was a great game, the offense, the pitchers, everything was great, well except the part he played. We have entered the twilight zone when the only run the other team gets is off Mariano Rivera.

After Rivera blew the save, the score would stay at 1-1 until the 15th. Luis Ayala and Boone Logan pitched the next two innings scoreless. Then Hector Noesi in his major league debut, pitches 4 scoreless innings and gets the win. With a little help from his buddy Cano, who told him, ‘You owe me dinner.’

It seemed like every inning, in the extra innings, men were getting on base, for both teams. As opposed to during the first nine when Colon was retiring batters consistently. Finally in the 15th inning, with Mark and Alex on base, Robbie told Long, I’m going up and just swinging. Mark and Alex both came around to score. Robbie was on third.

Bizaro Yankee world, a hit to the helmet of Chris Dickerson (who had come in the game to replace Swisher in right field) after Robbie batted lead to the umpire throwing out the pitcher. He was the last bullpen pitcher the Orioles had. So one of their starters had to warm up. And A.J. pitch ran for Dickerson. When Joe was asked why he used A.J., he said something, I think he has the most experience running the bases. But when you think about, he couldn’t use any pitcher that had already been in the game. He couldn’t use CC (pitching tomorrow, among other considerations), he wanted D-Rob available in case Noesi ran into problems, cause I’m sure Joe was determined that since the Yankees had scored runs, the game was not going into a sixteenth inning. So A.J. was the only logical choice. Then Cano scored on a sacrifice fly by Brett.

The next inning started with a single, a walk, an out, the next ball was a ground ball single, but the runner got hit by the ball, so that was the second out. Then a fly out to Nunez in right field, who had been at short stop for all of the game up to that inning. He was replacing Dickerson. A wacky exciting game to the end. Most importantly, Yankees win.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa Beleza ~~ 😛