The streak is broken ~ happy dancing ~ May 17

This past weekend, I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed the Yankees were swept by the Red Sox. Shhhhhh.

Did I not say that the Yankees would not lose forever? Tonight when they got the lead they held on to it. In what some are saying is an encouraging sign, they scored runs in the later innings. I admit it was frustrating to see them score 3 or 4 runs in the first or second, then none later in the game. That is what happened in the first game of the series, 2 runs in the second and 3 in the fifth, then when the Rays went ahead, they weren’t able to score any more, despite having opportunities. Tonight the Yankees kept scoring runs, even into the 9th inning. Last nights game was a debacle, but it is history now. Onward and upward Yanks, no looking back.

~~Yankees 6, Rays 2~~

Nova gave up one run, a home run, in the 3rd inning. He kept going, held the Rays to one run. He pitched 5-⅓ inning and picked up his 4th win. Robertson and Chamberlain each pitched 1-⅓ innings, giving up no runs, Sanit pitched ⅔ of the ninth inning, after giving up a run, Mo came in to finish the game. Since the Yankees were up 4 runs by this point, not considered a save situation. That greedy offense, scoring 2 runs in the ninth so Mariano wouldn’t get a save.

Alex hit two home runs (they come in bunches!), the first tied the game, the second put the Yankees ahead. And then they did that thing they do, tacking on insurance runs. 2 in the 7th, then 2 in the 9th. And Jorge? Jorge got 2 hits. Yay Sado. He didn’t get the run, only because Nunez pinch ran for him.

Swisher had a fever, he was replaced in right field by Chris Dickerson, just called up from Scranton, he also batted in a runner. So after a couple of miserable, WTF? games, this game was a joy to watch.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛