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Yankees vs. Red Sox ~ May 14

~~Red Sox 6, Yankees 0~~

We took the subway up to Yankee Stadium from SoHo. We were there before the gates opened so we walked around a bit looking at the “Hey Redsox fans, there was no curse your team just sucked” shirts. Em wanted to get a sweat jacket, she was afraid her sweater wouldn’t be warm enough, she thought she could get a better price outside the stadium, there was certainly a better selection. I was wearing my new Yankee jacket so I didn’t need anything else.

Since we were there so early, we got to walk down the aisle in section 120 behind home plate and watch a little bit of batting practice. We saw Frankie and Andruw Jones, Freddy Garcia was signing autographs and posed for a picture with somebody. I was able to get a picture of Frankie and Andruw down by the batting cage, then one of Freddy by the screen. After waiting around awhile @simplysmoov showed up saying his supervisor had lost his mind! Don’t know what was up with that. On our way up to the seats we stopped at a store and got some Yankee bears. Just thought they were so cute.

It was not a good game. To make it worse, there was drama concerning why Jorge asked out of the lineup and we were sitting next to a lot of RedSox fans. I have no problem with them coming to Yankee Stadium and cheering for their team, but it is very annoying having to listen to it. Scroll down for some pics.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛
View from our seats.

Frankie and Andruw

Freddy Garcia

Baseball buddies.