Enough with the losing

~~Red Sox 5, Yankees 4~~

Yes I know it’s just May and I should just chill, this is not the first time the Yankees have had a rough patch. I just hate seeing them lose. My boys just get such sad little faces. And I keep telling Mark, you need to hit a home run so I can give your charity some more money!

However unlike those bandwagon fair-weather a**hole fans on MLB.com, I am not putting away my Yankee hats, being a fan means supporting your team through good and bad. The people who are embarrassed to be seen in a Yankee hat just because the team has lost a few and is playing poorly are not real fans and should be banned from every buying anything with the Yankee logo.

Climbing off my soapbox, I just got an e-mail from MLB blogs saying they are converting thousands of Major League Baseball fans’ MLBlogs from Movable Type to WordPress! So now I have to decide if I should go back to that blog, or stay with this blog. One reason I would go back was because I was having trouble navigating the site, but if it’s WordPress, I am familiar with WordPress now, and I will probably be able to transfer all these blog post there. A reason to stay is I have built up a following here, while I never had much traffic when the blog was in MLB blogs. I will have to decide Monday, that is when the new blogs go “live”.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛