No fireworks tonight

~~Royals 11, Yankees 5~~

Last night the Yankees got 12 hits and only 3 runs, tonight it was a little more balanced, 8 hits and 5 runs, however the Royals got 16 hits and 11 runs. This was the first series the Royals have won in the Bronx since 1999.

Ivan Nova gave up 8 runs, I was wondering why his ERA was not that much higher, then I saw that there were only 4 earned runs. Royals scored 4 runs on the 2 errors the Yankees committed. He was lifted after 3 innings, after the game you could see he felt bad, “I didn’t do my job.” He has a good attitude, gotta put it behind you and keep going, he said when a batter would get a hit, he said to himself, ‘O.K., lets get the next batter out.” Amaury Sanit, just up from Triple A pitched 4.2 innings and gave up 3 runs, not bad for his major league debut. Buddy Carlyle closed out the game but the Yankees still couldn’t get the runs.

Robinson Cano is back after being hit in the helmet last night, he is fine, even hit a home run.

Alex Rodriguez hit a home run, his home runs usually come in bunches. I hope so cause the RedSox are next.

The injury to Chavez’ foot doesn’t appear to be a broken bone and he is out of the boot. He says day to day but according to the injury update he is still listed as 15 day D.L.

Saturday Kasey and I will be at the game, I am so excited!

Let’s Go Yankees!!

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛