Curtis Granderson: Home run hitter ~ May 11

When I think of home run hitters, I think of guys like Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez, big tall guys with broad shoulders and big arms. I don’t think of Curtis Granderson, 6’1′ and 185 pounds, when he stands in the batters box I always think, “He is way too skinny to hit that ball 400 ft.” Yet with 12 home runs, Curtis Granderson leads the league in home runs, one was a long as 433 feet.

Speaking of home runs, I also don’t think the Yankees have been hitting too many home runs. Some think the Yankees are relying on home runs to win games. It doesn’t appear that way to me especially if you look at the numbers. The Yankees have 54 home runs, yes that is more then any other team, how do you think they got the nick name, “Bronx Bombers”, they hit bombs. They also have 170 RBI’s that is more then 3 runs per home run. If we look smaller, Alex Rodriguez has 5 home runs, 27 hits and 21 RBI’s. If every run they had scored this year was off a home run, then I would be worried, but it’s not. Not only that, their home runs are not all solo shots, so guys are getting on base. Bottom line, Yankees score runs with the long ball and playing small ball.

In this game Robinson Cano got hit by a pitch, on his helmet! So he is out of the game and Nunez is in. So far he hasn’t almost killed anyone throwing the ball.

~~Royals 4, Yankees 3~~

Right now the score is tied and it is the ninth inning, 2 outs. Nunez just stole second. The Royals just walked Swisher to pitch to Posada. What the ef is up with the mound conferences? Just throw the ball, get it over with! Arg! Free baseball in the Bronx.

10th inning: Buddy Carlyle pitching, command is off, maybe he doesn’t like pitching in the 10th inning. Walked a batter, wild pitch, then a strike out. Just one more out please. No! I said an out, not a run for the Royals. Royals take the lead. This is getting painful to watch, just one more strike please Buddy, I’ll be your best friend. That’ll do it, swing and a miss.

11th inning: After tieing the game last inning, KC takes the lead again in the 11th and the Yankees “have no rally in their bones”. Sorry for the lame quote post whatever. It’s late I’m tired, we’ll get them tomorrow.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛