Two in row makes for a cranky Foxx ~ May 4

Two losses in a row that is, and to the Tigers no less.

~~Tigers 4, Yankees 0~~

Freddy Garcia gave up 4 runs, Max Scherzer gave up none, we did get 4 hits so it wasn’t a no hitter, but it was a shut out. I was thinking that since we broke the Tigers losing streak, we could break this pitchers winning streak. The Yankees did not want to cooperate with my idea. I gotta have a talk with my boys. I tried talking to Derek, but he just goes on and on, Minka this and Minka that …..

On the plus side, I don’t have to update my Yankees records page, I don’t have to send Mark Teixeira’s charity any more money. Like that makes me happy!! No, no it doesn’t.

Well enough ranting. A.J. is pitching tomorrow. Please A.J. a win would be nice. Pitch good. And the rest of you boys, Hit the f***ing ball would you! Balls are cheap and the umpire always has a fresh one.

Love (much love) Me.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛


Thanks to the Yankees, the Tigers broke their losing streak ~sigh~ May 3

After tests ruled out any circulatory or vascular issues with Phil Hughes, he will resume throwing in two week and possibly be back on the mound in about 6-8 weeks. Since he has reported not having symptoms when he is not throwing I am worried that he may not be back on the mound. It’s something that we just have to wait and see about.

Coming into this game Detroit had a seven-game losing streak. Nice of the Yankees to break that up for them. CC kept them to 4 runs despite not having his best stuff, but the Yankees didn’t get enough runs this game. No Mo since it was not a save situation, but we did get to see that clown Valverde.

Tonight the pitchers are Max Scherzer for Detroit and Freddy Garcia for the Yankees. Freddy has been pitching quite well. Let’s hope the Yankees can show him some love (and run support).

~~Tigers 4, Yankees 2~~

Detroit scored early with two runs, then two again in the fifth. Yankees only had 1 run at this point and Cano and Posada made some stupid base running mistakes. Girardi was mad, but like always, he said, “I spoke to him, that’s all I’m going to say.” He never says any more, I like that about him, whatever he says to them when he’s angry should stay that way, between them.

Mark Teixeira hit a home run in the 8th inning that was 405 feet. That brought the Yankees within two. They scored two runs in the ninth the day before so there was a chance they could catch up and win, but they didn’t.

So tonight we hope for better. Oh and it can’t hurt to say a little …

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛