You don’t have to be a stud to be yummy ~ May 30

~~ Yankees 5, Athletics 0 ~~

He isn’t tall and handsome, he is kind of dumpy with a round face, kind of cute though, and he just pitched 9 innings, 4 hits, no runs. What can I say; I’m a sucker for lights out pitchers. Remember my introduction to the Yankees was Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter.

He was helped out by a home run by Mark Teixeira after Derek Jeter hit a single, then Robbie brought Alex home after a walk. The Yankees were up 3 runs, as was mentioned, Colon only needed 1. When asked about the game later, Colon said, “I always try to pitch like its 0-0.” Good plan, it seems to work for him.

Gardner and Cervelli each stole two bases, one time they stole at the same time, Gardner stole second, Cervelli was on first and they each advanced. It’s so much fun watching them run.

Two more games against the A’s, I’m hoping for a sweep. Everybody got their brooms?

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

No sweep, for the Mariners, Yankee bats come alive ~ May 29

~~ Yankees 7, Mariners 1 ~~

The third inning was fun, after the bases were loaded Andruw Jones hit a bases clearing double, then Nunez hit a triple driving in Jones. So the Yankees scored 5 runs in that inning, then another in the fourth. The Mariners scored 1 run.

Which is why we call CC big stoppa, picked up his 6th win and maintained his streak of wins in Seattle. He pitched 8 solid innings and then Lance Pendleton pitched a scoreless ninth. So if that bum hadn’t hit a homerun, CC would have had a shutout.

He made an amazing fielding play, he caught the ball, threw it to Cervelli who tagged the runner and then threw the ball to Mark for the double play.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Free baseball at Safeco field ~ May 28

~~Mariners 5, Yankees 4~~

As I type this the Yankees and Mariners just finished the 10th inning and the score is tied 4-4. I’m not going into the details of the game, I know I don’t do very well with play by play so I will just skip it. This week has been a very shitty week for me, I broke my phone on Monday and the insurance company sent me the wrong one as a replacement. I have it all packed up to return because I haven’t been able to get a hold anyone at the insurance company that can help me. I am fully expecting them to completely fuck things up and charge me all kinds of money for restocking etc. My next phone is not going to be an iPhone. I definitely don’t deserve nice things. On to the game, which is making me doubly sad since I was already in a pissy mood when it started.

Teixeira hit home run number 15, that’s $225 total for his charity.

Chris Dickerson takes over for Nick Swisher at first plate (running).

Dickerson was trying to steal second when Gardner hit the ball, so he was able to get to second, no double play. 2 outs, Jeter is up. 3 outs, Dickerson is stranded.

Seattle catcher dove into first base and totally cut up his face. Not smart, they are playing hard, want to end this game.

Ayala struck out batter number 2. Fielded the next hit, throw to Cano was in time. Jeter throws to Mark for the last out.

Top of the 12th: 2:12 a.m.: Granderson up at bat, Mariners have a new catcher. Granderson flies out, this field is too big, bring in the center field wall so Yankees can win and I can go to bed. Nope, Yankees go 1-2-3. I might have to go to bed and post an update tomorrow.

heh, Ichiro is 0-6

Mariano is in, I’m going to bed.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

We’re blaming this on Jet Lag, you know him ~ May 27

~~Mariners 4, Yankees 3~~

The Yankees never seem to do well on the first game of a road trip, especially when they have to go to the west coast. So this was jet lag, no body was awake. I didn’t watch the game, but from what I heard, they were playing like they were asleep.

Since Saturday’s game is on, and the Mariners just took the lead, I am just going to leave this game and go on to the next one.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Long long time ago ~ May 25

Sometime during this game, since I was not watching being that I had to work, I went up to one of my co-workers who is quite possibly a bigger Yankee fan then myself. By his own admission, he gets rather insufferable as the season goes along. Considering that he has to work in the same office as a die-hard Red Sox fan, I understand. I asked said co-worker if hunting Blue Jays was illegal. He grinned and replied, “Hunting anything in NYC is illegal.”

“Well I hope the Yankees don’t get in trouble then.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time. Remember when Dave Winfield got arrested?”

Yes, yes I do.

It was in 1983 at Exhibition Stadium, at the time the Blue Jays home stadium. The Yankees took the field for the bottom of the fifth inning, they had a 3-1 lead over the Blue Jays. As they finished their warm-up throws Dave Winfield was returning a ball to the ballboy when it hit a seagull, and killed it, in plain view of 36,684 fans. The ballboy got a towel and removed the bird and play resumed. Winfield was jeered by the centerfield spectators. Yankees won the game and headed to the clubhouse to pack up and go home.

They were met by plainclothes Toronto police officers with a warrant for Winfield’s arrest, charging him with cruelty to animals, they alleged he deliberately killed the bird. I guess seagulls are endangered in Canada. No they don’t want any of ours. Billy Martin was livid: “This is unbelievable!” he screamed. “They’ve come to arrest Winfield for killing that bird!”

Apparently too many spectators were traumatized by seeing the bird die. A freaking seagull! Canadians are weird, I should know, I’ve lived with one for 20+ years. Winfield was taken to the police station where he was booked, had to post $500 bail and promise to appear in court. He faced a stiff fine and possible jail time. Winfield convinced Toronto authorities that the death of the beloved fowl of Canada was a tragic accident and charges were dropped. While he was off the hook with the police, his teammates however, never let him forget it.

For the full story click here: FOWL BALL Dave Winfield, Bird Killer Chapter 170

~~ Yankees 7, Blue Jays 3 ~~

As I mentioned before, I didn’t get to see this game, I did watch the video clips on my phone. From the box score I can tell you that Jose Bautista was 1-3 with no runs and no RBI’s, making Freddy Garcia almost as good as CC Sabathia, almost. Not quite.

In the first inning a Blue Jay’s player hit a pop up, it was coming right to the pitcher’s mound, Garcia was there, but Mark was coming over to get so he moved off the mound, unfortunately Nunez was also coming over to get the ball and didn’t (apparently) didn’t hear Mark call it. Freddy ran into him, and since he is kind of a big guy, took Nunez out. As Paul O’Neill said, “Sometimes baseball isn’t pretty.”

But you know what is pretty? Martin gunning down Bautista at 2nd base, Mark and Andruw hitting the ball into the stands (Andruw did it twice!), Granderson knocking the ball over Bautista’s head and off the wall, Joba getting a batter to hit into a double play, Robinson Cano with that throw to first, Jeter starting off the game with hit number 2,976 and Mariano telling Kim Jones that 1,000 games means, “You are old.”

Paul O’Neill is pretty, and a win, a win is pretty. Next stop, Seattle. See you then.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Pie! Pie! Pie! ~ May 24

~~ Yankees 5, Blue Jays 4 ~~

Normally I only break out the fireworks for a series win, but this win was so amazing, a walk-off! I can’t give the boys any pie, so they get fireworks.

Russell Martin seemed to get things started in the second with a home run, but then the Blue Jays tied it up, then scored 3 runs in the 3rd off CC. He came back and pitched scoreless for the rest of the game. He pitched a complete game, 8 hits-4 runs, so he gets the win. The Yankees were also scoreless from Russell’s home run until the 8th. Then they scored 2 runs putting the score Blue Jays 4, Yankees 3

Ninth inning Jorge started things off with a double. He was pinch hitting for Nunez, then Dickerson ran for him, Jeter struck out (correction, I am watching the encore, Jeter grounded out). I got sent to the basement, it was fine, I had finished my tea and ice cream. Then Granderson got on base and brought Dickerson home, tie game. With two outs Mark came up to bat, Granderson stole 2nd, Mark got a single, he made sure he stayed on first so as to not get thrown out and Granderson scored the winning run. He got 4 hits and scored 2 runs. A.J. snuck up on Mark to give him got pie, but he ducked. Brat.

Jose Bautista was 0-4 against Sabathia.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Birds are bad, Blue Jays are terrible ~ May 23

~~ Blue Jays 7, Yankees 3 ~~

Colon was pitching pretty good, top of the 6th the game was tied, then boom boom boom, and the Blue Jays were up 5 runs, they ended up winning the game. I don’t like the Blue Jays. Have I mentioned Jose Bautista is pure evil?

It seems like the Yankees like losing the first game of the series. I certainly hope they do like they did with the Mets and win the next two. Tuesday CC takes the mound, Bautista has never got a hit off him, so I hope he has a better night then Colon did.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Beat the Mets, Yankees beat the Mets

~~ Yankees 9, Mets 3~~

In yesterday’s post I forgot something, not really surprising, I tend to forget something every time, usually I remember too long after to mention and then I get annoyed. Jose Reyes got booed every time he came up to bat. Booing loud enough to drown out the cheers from the Mets fans. Today when I mentioned it to Kasey, she said there is usually one evil player on each team. Jose Reyes on the Mets, Jose Bautista on the Blue Jays, Josh Beckett or Ellsbury or Adrian Gonzalez or Jed Lowrie or Dustin Pedroia or Youkilis of the RedSox, most of those guys cause they are ugly.

So the Mets were ahead until the 7th inning, they were probably already chilling the champagne for the celebration, wait, this isn’t the World Series! Then as David Cone said, “They had all zeros, till the seventh inning and now the Yankees have a snow cone (8). For all of you saying the Yankees are hitting too many home runs, the only home run hit in this game was in the first inning. The 8 runs in the seventh were base hits. A walk, a hit by pitch, a dribbler across the infield. Alex said, I was more lucky than good. A bunt that was bungled, a blooper that fell between the players, everybody got a turn to play, fun times in the Bronx.

Nova pitched well, unfortunately he doesn’t get the win since the Mets were ahead when he left the game. He got an ovation however and the Yankees did the win the game. And if the Yankees win the World Series, he will get a ring. Got to look at the big picture. Ayala gets the win, Lance Pendleton pitched the ninth inning.

It really bothers me that the Yankees are being greedy. Scoring all these runs so Mariano can’t get anymore saves on his record. Greedy little buggers. Attendance tonight was 48,293.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛

Mets fans are obnoxious ~ May 21

~~ Yankees 7, Mets 3 ~~

Last week in the section next to us were a ton of RedSox fans. At this game there were Mets fans in the section where the RedSox fans were. Kasey said that next year, D has to get her better seats. It was also pouring, if you ever wondered if the Army could parachute in to rescue you in a rainstorm, they can. I love the Golden Knights show and it is even more impressive in the rain. Fortunately it stopped raining before the game started, but it was really coming down in buckets.

The Mets fans started being annoying in the first inning, cheering and making lots of noise, then cheered more in the 5th, stupid Mets fans, Mets were still behind. The cheering stopped in the sixth, when the Yankees got 2 runs to their one pathetic run in the fifth. The Yankees were relentless, they just kept scoring runs.

Derek Jeter stole his 326th career stolen base tying Rickey Henderson for the most in franchise history. He then scored on a sacrifice fly by Mark Teixeira.

Russell, Mark, Curtis and ARod all hit home runs. Alex’ was funny because he didn’t realize he hit one. He was looking around with this confused look on his face, then realized the ball had gone over the wall. Watching from the stands I wasn’t sure either. It was kind of hazy and he jumped up with his mitt, it was just over the wall. I missed Mark’s home run, I had gone down to go to the bathroom and get a pepsi for Kasey. The line for the bathroom was unbelievable, so I walked down one level and then couldn’t find the ladies room, just the men’s. So I walked back up and by now the line was gone. When I was in the bath room I heard John Sterling say, “A base hit for the Captain!” and how many more to 3,000, I came out of the bathroom to the roar of the crowd, I ran to where I could see the field and there it was home run #12 for Mark Teixeira.

AJ got the win, he deserved it, held the Mets to 3 runs and left to an ovation. Logan, David, and Joba all pitched perfectly, well Logan gave up a run. Then Ayala came in for the ninth and got three quick outs. Want to know how quick? We always go down during the ninth inning, we like watching on the big screen. I wanted to see the first out from our seats, by the time we got down the stairs, it was out number 2. I told Kasey, “We have to hurry, he’s already got 2 outs.” By the time we took the elevator down to the great hall, we looked up at the screen and the Yankees were hi-fiving each other. Frank was singing. Ball game over, Yankees win. Attendance was 48,286.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛