Get the brooms out

One of the games of this series was rained out, the Yankees won the other two. In fact the Yankees have swept the Orioles for the season. They play the Orioles next on May 18, 19 in Baltimore. I hope the rain has stopped by then and the Yankees keep up their streak.

There was no retaliation today for Martin’s plunking yesterday. Not only is Russell Martin a class act, Gardner already got them back with the home run and the Yankees don’t want that kind of hit on their record. People are still saying Swisher’s slide was dirty! (Note to self, STOP reading the comments on If they want to fight, they can wait until a Boston game.

~~Yankees 6, Orioles 3~~

Garcia was perfect through 6, well not really perfect, just scoreless, his ERA is an insane 0.69. I don’t know what his other numbers are, I don’t understand them anyway. So he has now pitched 12 scoreless inning for the Yankees. Buddy Carlyle, after he pitched yesterday said, “Now next to my name in the baseball encyclopedia will be “New York Yankees” that’s kind of cool.” He pitched an inning yesterday and ⅔ of an inning today. 3 outs yesterday, 2 outs today, no runs. We like him.

After Garcia was pulled for Joba, Joba gave up two runs, Mark Reynolds hit a home run. Joba was upset, he has certainly changed from the last two seasons. David came in for next inning and was not as sharp as he has been so far this year. 2 hits, a man on first and third and Mariano comes in. The last out was a long fly ball that Brett Gardner caught on the run. That’s why he’s in the line-up even though his bat is not hot right now, cause he can make that long run and catch.

However Mo is still trying to convince us he’s human. Tying run was scored in the ninth inning. Swisher to Cano to Martin tagged out the run that would have been the winning run. Then we had free baseball in Baltimore. The game remained tied until the 11th inning. Then the Yankees scored three and Boone and Buddy pitched a scoreless bottom of the 11th.

Curtis Granderson got his 7th homer of the season, Cano has hit safely in his last 13 games and Curtis his last 8.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛


I love me a little Canadian catcher

Russell Martin that is just in case you were wondering. The Canadian is rakin’, 2 home runs in this game and 6 for the season so far. He said he did a little more work in the off season and is feeling healthy. I think it is the ‘batter whisperer Kevin Long’ that is doing it.

Phil Hughes is rehabbing and may start a minor league game in the next week. He said his arm is feeling better and the pitching coach likes what he sees.

~~Yankees 15, Orioles 3~~

Despite having flu-like symptoms, CC pitched a full 8 innings, he threw 103 pitches, 76 of them were strikes and picked up his first win of the season. I hope he hasn’t blown his chance for a Cy Young. Ha Ha

Yankees struck early with Derek hitting a single, Mark a double and Alex doubling to bring in Derek and Mark. Then Robbie brought in Alex with a single. This makes the 12th game in a row he has got a hit. Go Robbie! So the Yankees got 3 runs without hitting a home run, shocking!

Then the O’s pitcher seemed to settle down, until the 6th inning. With Robbie and Nick on base, Russell hit his first home run of the night. That was the last inning for that pitcher. Then Adam Jones did that in the 7th inning for the Orioles. D immediately said, ‘CC needs to come out now!’ He’s an idiot. So they scored 3 runs, we had 6, and then in the next inning, Jorge hit a two run home run (yes I tweeted Hip-Hip Jorge) and Russell hit his second home run of the night. I love back-to-back home runs, so much fun.

With 2 outs in inning Derek walked, Curtis singled and Mark walked. Alex was next up. D started saying Alex is going to hit a home run now. Em started saying, Oh he was doing that at the beginning of last year, he got bored with it. Meanwhile Showalter was replacing the pitcher and Alex was on-deck, swinging the bat around, over his right shoulder and then over his left shoulder, smooth fluid moves, without a break in rhythm, I don’t know if he was showing off, or trying to psych out the other players, maybe that is just what he does when he is waiting. Then he hit a grand slam. So D isn’t a total idiot.

For Russell’s next at bat he got hit by a pitch. Of course the big question is, was it intentional? Of course the pitcher claims it wasn’t, “There’s no way that I would do that and intentionally go at somebody’s head or go way up there,” Rupe said. “I know how to hit a guy when the situation calls for it, and that wasn’t it.” Which is the same thing Ken Singleton says, around the waist, not at the head or shoulders. But when Russell turned to look at the pitcher, he was mad. Brett got him back though, he hit a home run. His first of the season. Yay Brett! Now it is my sweet Nicky’s turn.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛