Still in first place, Mo still trying to convince us he’s human

Remember what I said about heart-breaking losses? This was one of them. Mainly because Mariano blew the save. We had the lead going into the ninth inning, 3-5 Yankees, then Mo gave up two runs. In the interview, he said the loss was his fault, even though Ivan Nova gave up the winning run, he took the blame, but I still don’t believe he’s human. He just wants us to think that.

~~Blue Jays 6, Yankees 5~~

A.J. struggled (5.1 innings, 105 pitches) but managed to leave the game with the lead but with bases loaded. D-Rob came in and struck out two. The last one the batter broke his bat over his knee. It was funny. Joba and Soriano pitched scoreless innings then Mo came in for the ninth and, well you know the rest.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛