Suck it haters, or why Kasey lu-huvs Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira started the season with a 3 run home run. He hit a home run in each of the first 3 games then skipped a game. Then he went 4 games without a hit. I don’t know how many at bats that was but all of a sudden, “It’s the April slump! He’s not going to get another hit till June!” Well, in his last 4 games he has had 5 hits. He leads the Yankees in RBI’s with 14 and has hit 5 home runs, tied for first with Jorge Posada. In the American League stats, he is tied for first in RBI’s and HR’s. No player has ever gotten a hit at every at bat. Pete Rose got an impressive 4,256 hits, it took him 14,053 at bats. The highest batting average I could find was under .500. And no player has ever gotten a home run in every game they played, even Barry Bonds who leads the MLB in home runs (762) played 2,986 games. The most home runs he got in a season was 73. Alex Rodriguez (617 home runs) only got 57 home runs in a season. So stop saying he’s slumping just because he’s not getting a hit every game.

The real reason we love Mark is because of his incredible fielding skills. Since 2005 the most errors he has made in a season was 5. And he plays almost every game. Its not unusual to hear Michael Kay say, “Another sparkling play by Mark Teixeira!”

~~Yankees 5, Rangers 2~~

Another day of great weather for baseball, not. Since Kasey and I went Friday night, D and Andy went Saturday, they froze too, but at least they got to see a winning game. But we get free tickets from the Yankees since the weather was so yucky. I wonder who gets to use the free tickets.

Before Saturday I had no idea who Freddy Garcia was. Now I can say, WOW! Freddy Garcia kicking the Rangers ass! I would say Freddy Garcia is my new BFF, but my current BFF would be upset. We showed those Texans who is the boss of the Bronx. Garcia shutting down the bats, Mark with a two run home run in the first inning, then when they got two runs in the top of the eighth, Cano got them back with a two run home run in the bottom. Then Mariano with his sixth save of the year. Take that you Rotten Rangers! Do I sound bitter, like I hate the Rangers? Just because they kept the Yankees out of the World Series in 2010? They shut the Yanks down in the ALCS? Isn’t that reason enough?

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛