Do they have a rally in their bones?

~~Yankees 6, Orioles 5~~

Michael Kay always says that when the Yankees go into the last inning and they are behind. He said it tonight, going into the ninth inning the score was 5-4 Orioles. Phil Hughes is still struggling, although I think he is getting better. Of course the numbers don’t show it, but his last outing against Boston he lasted 2 innings and gave up 6 runs, at the end of the game, his ERA was 16.50. Tonight he gave up 5, but it was over 4-⅓ and his ERA while still high (13.94) has come down. Of course the question is, what do you do with him? Pitching coach has to work with him, figure out what is wrong so they can fix him. I think they just have to let him keep pitching building up his strength and hopefully that will bring his speed and location back. Of course I am not an expert in these things. I am just a fan with a blog.

Top of the fifth Colon came in to replace Hughes, by the middle of the 5th the score was Orioles 5, New York 0. Some have described what happened next as the Yankees started chipping away at the lead. First a run scored in the 5th, Alex scoring on a double by Cano. Run number 2 & 3 in the 6th inning. And in the meantime Colon was holding the Orioles to 5 runs. 7th inning Swisher walked, then scored bringing the score to 5-4. In the 8th inning Colon came out and Joba came in. On a wild pitch Felix Pie ran in to score, Martin flipped to Joba and Pie was tagged out at home plate. But in the bottom of the eighth, no runs were scored.

Colon was aided in keeping Orioles from scoring any more runs by the infield. On particular play made me happy, it was a running scoop up by Jeter with a turn and a jump and a throw right to Mark. It made me particularly happy because some people were mocking Jeter’s jump throw, saying it looked silly and wasn’t effective. Let me tell you, if Jeter didn’t have that ‘jump throw’, he wouldn’t have gotten the runner out at first.

So there they were in the bottom of the ninth, one run behind? Did they have a rally in their bones? Posada came up to bat, D started saying how Posada was doing “nothing” blah, blah blah. Then Jorge smacked that ball into the bull pen, the fielder climbed the fence but it was gone. Kasey yelled at D for ‘doubting Posada’. Ball game was tied and Mariano came in to keep it that way. Tenth inning, Mark walks, Alex doubles, Cano hits a single and Nicky hits a sacrifice fly to bring Mark home. And you know what that means. Yankees win, pie time for Swish, and lets not forget …


After the game Russell Martin tweeted:

Great comeback! Picking each other up is what it’s all about… That a baby swish @NickSwisher sweet pie.

I hope one day, Russell gets to taste how sweet the pie is.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛