Tied for first place

~~Yankees 7, Orioles 4~~

The Baltimore Orioles came into this game with a 6-3 record and the Yankees had a 5-4 record. Now they are tied and tomorrow is the last Baltimore vs. New York Yankee game of this series. After which they will be tied no more. And while I am making effing obvious statements, the Red Sox are in last place, in the Division, in the League and in the MLB. Right now they have the worst record in baseball. I am living in the moment, shoot me.

A.J. pitched 6-⅓ innings giving up 4 runs, and he got a nice ovation for his work and his 3rd win of the season. D-Rob, Soriano and Mo pitched scoreless innings, this makes save No. 5 (564) for the Sandman. Yes he is the best closer in baseball.

So much for defense, offensively the Yankees scored 7 runs, two off a home run by Alex in the 1st and one from a 5th inning home run by Jorge. They are now tied for home runs for this season. Every Yankee except Curtis got a hit tonight. Don’t worry Curtis, Sarah still loves you, and you will turn it around.

Speaking of the Yankees, they are the winningest team. That’s not a real word, at least my spell checker doesn’t think so. If you check the numbers, they don’t have the most games won, that record goes to the the San Francisco Giants with 10,441, of course they have been around longer then the Yankees, of teams formed in 1901, the Yankees do have the most games won with 9,675, the team (of teams formed in 1901) that is number 2? No big surprise there, the Boston Red Sox.

Looking at the Win-Lose Percentage, the Yankees are again number 1 with .568, the Boston Red Sox . . . are not number 2, they are number 5 on this list. I started playing around with the numbers, I was curious if there was another stat that would correspond with the order created by the W-L%. I took the number of runs allowed and divided by the number of runs scored. The Yankees were again in 1st place with a 0.862%, the Boston Red Sox were again #5 with 0.965%. The teams didn’t match up perfectly, but it was the closest I found. So there you have it, if you consistently score more runs then you allow, you will be a winning team.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛


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