Red Sox Fans, go ahead and celebrate, it’s still April

~~Red Sox 4, Yankees 0~~

Even so, this loss still hurts. Because it was C.C. and he didn’t have very good ‘stuff’ tonight. He struggled, the Red Sox got 12 hits. I actually like those numbers, it cracks me up that they got 12 hits and only 4 runs. But it meant a lot of work for C.C.

Alex was scratched with flu-like symptoms.

Beckett was dominant, and the Garden Gnome was having a good week-end. Blech. Next game Tuesday against the Orioles. See you then.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛


Has anybody seen a Russell Martin shirt?

~~Yankees 9, Red Sox 4~~

Kasey and I had appointments for a massage today, the appointment was at 3, the game started at 1. Since I was in the city, I had to follow the game on Twitter. I really need an iPhone. Can someone buy one for me? I couldn’t get on, or Twitter, I was following with Twitter text messages. I could get on Facebook, but no one was talking about the game.

However, I did get the notice about Russell Martin’s 2 home runs, then when I got home I checked on MLB and found out about the two other home runs.

The game was over when Kasey and I were eating dinner at Bon Chon Chicken. They have these awesome pot stickers with hot garlic sauce. I told her, “This was a good day, volunteer work in the morning, a massage, a manicure, hot pot stickers and the Yankees win.”

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛