Sarah’s first game this season

~~Yankees 4, Twins 3~~

Sarah and I were at this game, what I normally do during games is tweet via text message. I do it through most of the game. Sometimes I get involved in dialog with some of my followers, sometimes not. I decided I would just copy my tweets here, with some explanation, and also some links to video hi-lights if you are interested.

Since I know some of you won’t want to read all my tweets, let me just say that A.J. was dominant, 6 innings and only 2 runs. Joba gave up 1 run in the inning he pitched, Yankees scored 4 runs, no home runs, and Nick Swisher broke the Twins second baseman’s leg. Which everyone who wasn’t there and thinks they know something is second guessing.

A.J. sets the twins down 1-2-3

I’m going to the bathroom now, someone usually hits a hr when I leave my seat. (It didn’t happen)

Sarah just said: ‘Brett get on base, it’s ur job.’

Brett steals 2nd!

K Nicky honey, time to hit a home run. And if that pitcher hits you. Take. Him. Out

@FoxxieeLady No homers while you were in the loo! Assuming you are now out of the loo! LOL

@pjmclaugh I’m not coming out till nick hits a home run!

Andruw spanked that ball! Tie game twinkies!

Yeah russell baby! That’s what I want!

Woooo Hooooo Brett found a hole!

O.m.g! Did you see that catch by Jones!

That’s my guy! My captain did that!

A new pitcher? Really twins?

That twins 1st is no Mark Teixeira. Butterfingers!

This crowd is fiesty today. Eat some cotton candy and chill people!

Oh no I think Derek hurt the 2nd baseman. I told you he was too skinny! (This was actually a hard slide by Nick Swisher not Derek)

Ok Robinson lets get on base! Score some runs! Get AJ the win!

Not listening they’re not listening.

#42 is on the mound, and the crowd goes wild! Ok maybe not wild.

Out #1 – fly ball to Curtis G.

Out #2- fly ball to Brett G.

Mo with the save. Ballgame over Yankees win.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛