And the streak is broken

~~Red Sox 9, Yankees 6~~

The Red Sox losing streak that is. It is a little upsetting that they broke it against the Yankees. I’m sure Phil is a little upset at his ERA. Of course it’s not all his fault, after all, Lackey’s ERA is almost as high as Phil’s, the rest of the team, as per Kasey was not playing well. Mark made a fielding error, as did Granderson. Kasey said Gardner was playing well and that was about all.

In other news, Manny Ramirez has retired. The statement from the MLB said in part, Ramirez had “an issue” under MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program and informed the league he would retire rather than “continue with the process under the program.” According to the NY Times he tested positive for PED’s in Spring Training. If you remember, Ramirez was on the players on the Red Sox 2004 World Series Team whose name appeared on the same list as Alex Rodriguez. And people chant steroids at A-Rod. Idiots.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛