Ivan Nova and Mo’s high socks

~~Yankees 4, Twins 3~~

My lasting impression of Ivan Nova is from last year when he faced down Jose Bautista, Bautista shouted something at him and Nova raised his arms like, “What? You want something? Bring it.” Stood his ground like a Yankee. Today he impressed again, I mean it wasn’t a fantastic outing, he gave up 3 runs, 2 in the 4th and 1 in the 5th, but he didn’t fall apart, he pitched a scoreless 6th which means he now has a win to his name. Actually 2 since he got a win last season, but now he is 2-2 for his career. He is a young pitcher (1/12/1987), he is younger then Phil (6/24/1986), and Phil has more experience, at least in the major leagues. That being said, I think he will be fine, he needs experience, he needs to get a little settled in.

The runs for the Yankees were in the form of home runs both off Scott Baker, the Twins starting pitcher, one from Alex and one from Jorge. I’m a little worried about Jorge, this DH business doesn’t seem to sit well with him.

And I would like to say that Michael Kay is a little too obsessed with Mariano’s socks. He says they are higher then normal and wonders why, he even asked Kim to ask Mariano about them. Mariano just said they are comfortable that way. As long as Mo keeps saving games and being Mo, he can wear his socks pulled up to his thighs. I don’t care if he’s wearing pantyhose and his boxer shorts on his head. He’s Mo, he wins games, let him wear his pretty blue socks as high as he wants.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛