Opening Day 2011

~~Yankees 6, Tigers 3~~

This is the second time Kasey and I have gone to Opening day. Not as impressive as some others I know, but I don’t intend to miss anymore. We got to the stadium early, as usual, stopped at the fruit stand so Kasey could get a salad, said hello to Chris (security, section 120A), got food for me and headed up to our seats. It was cold, very cold. I was wearing 4 layers, it wasn’t enough. I bought a fleece throw, it still wasn’t enough. It was so cold, ….. we left before the game was over.

I consoled myself by saying we left because the weather was so nasty, not because our team was way ahead or losing, in fact the score was tied when we left. Since I am not the sort to give myself a break, I am now faced with the dilemma, is it better to leave the game because you were stupid and wore the wrong coat, or to leave early to get home early, or because you think you know the outcome. I gave my boss HELL last year when he told me he was standing on the platform for the #4 train when Swisher hit a walk off home run.

Well, Kasey did get to see her guy hit a 3 run home run, that ball just sailed into the stands. We got to see a couple of fantastic catches by Curtis. We missed the home run by Curtis but we did watch the rest of the game at a bar in Mid-town.

So the season is off to a good start for the Yankees, a not so good start for me.

~~ Questo è tutto, dice la principessa ~~ 😛